Stands for House of Music, House of Accessories, House of Appliances, three fully-fledged entities, each with their own know-how and specialised team.

House of Music

is a distributor and developer of audio brands, with a portfolio for every consumer looking for the essence of sound and music. Within their own brand ArtSound, you will find all the audio you need for the home. Through JBL, we offer the market leader in portable audio.

House of Accessories

stems from a firmly established structure, with a wide range of various accessory brands, each of which complements all possible mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.). Through Cellularline, we offer the market leader in the Benelux. And with brands like Holdit and XtremeMac, we focus on segments such as luxury, sports, protection, etc.

House of Appliances

stands tall in the SDA world (Small Domestic Appliances). Here we propagate brands such as Brabantia, Beper, ... and we build the bridge to the smart world with Smanos and Ezviz. The goal: to make small domestic appliances, smart domestic appliances.