Cowon firmware update

HOUSE OF ACCESSORIES is very much concerned about the quality of its products. We recently learned that the Cowon audio players specified below allow a certain type of use which may cause hearing damage.

Plenue 1, mp3 player, 128GB, silver (EAN 8809290182838)
Plenue 1, mp3 player, 128GB, black (EAN 8809290182708)
Plenue 1, mp3 player, 128GB, gold (EAN 8809290182821)
Plenue D, mp3 player, 32GB, silver (EAN 8809290182968)
Plenue D, mp3 player, 32GB, gold (EAN 8809290182951)
Plenue M, mp3 player, 64GB, silver (EAN 8809290182890)
Plenue S, mp3 player, 128GB, silver (EAN 8809290182975)

Despite the fact that, according to our information, possible hearing damage could only be caused by a specific use (more specifically when a headset is connected to the device which enables a higher sound output), we want to make sure to the greatest possible extent that the buyers of said products are not at risk when using the product. Therefore we asked the producer to develop a firmware update that avoids this risk. You can find the updates on http://homa.be/en/downloads.

Update process

1. Unzip the file, copy all the files, and paste them to the Cowon folder.
2. Disconnect your Cowon from the desktop, boot the device, and finish updating.
3. After updating, connect your Cowon to the desktop and delete SYSTEM folder from the device.
4. Disconnect your Cowon again from the desktop, and reboot it once more.
5. After selecting your language and region Europe, your Cowon is ready for use again.